Abused And Neglected Children Need You This Holiday

Little seven-year-old Kara will spend her holidays with us at CEDARS this year instead of at home. When neighbors reported concerns of abuse in her home, she came to stay with us. She told us she slept on the floor and hadn’t had anything to eat that day.  Her face lit up at the sight of the bed she could call her own.

It may be difficult for many of us to imagine being away from family during this special time. But for Kara, this holiday will be the first one she has spent in a place where she feels truly safe.

Here at CEDARS, Kara has safe shelter and her basic needs met. But we know that her needs go beyond the basics.

In many ways Kara is no different from the children you may know.  She wants to share in the excitement of the holidays. She dreams about presents, family dinners and the joy a healthy family can share.

The difference, however, is that Kara has only dreamt about these things. They are not things that she has actually experienced. Although her mother would, on occasion, provide a gift or a nicer meal, the happiness was always short lived. The feelings of fear and uncertainty might go away for a few short hours, but they always came back too soon.

We know that despite all this, it will be difficult for Kara to be away from the only family she has known this holiday. But this year, with your help, we are grateful that she will be truly safe and surrounded by people who care.

Unfortunately, Kara isn’t alone. Nearly 300 children will spend the holidays at CEDARS this year. And we need your help to make this holiday season—and each day of the year—a gift to these children that will last a lifetime.

Your gift, in any amount, will make a difference—a lifelong difference for children like Kara and others in our care. Please join the CEDARS family in giving our children a season of caring, hope and brighter days ahead.



Gifts to CEDARS are tax deductible. CEDARS Tax I.D. is 47-6024881