See What I Can Be.

The crisis-level shortage of foster families in Nebraska means that today, thousands of kids are waiting. But “thousands of kids” is just a phrase, just a number. While numbers are important to understand in this crisis, kids in foster care aren’t just part of a social problem. They aren’t just the label, “foster kid.”   

They are individuals – vulnerable children and teens. They have different stories and voices. And their voices say, “I need you to step up. I need a safe, caring home. I need to be recognized and encouraged.”   

The foster family crisis isn’t just about “kids in foster care” as an issue. It’s personal.   

It’s about what happens to Maria, age 6, who loves dogs. Will the severe lack of foster families mean she is separated from her siblings?   

And Jonathan, age 15, who is tall and lanky, quiet and kind. How long will he have to wait to be moved to a safe home?   

And Sydney, age 12, who is determined to be a nurse one day. Without a caring, committed foster family, will her determination fade?   

And Zane, age 18, with the tough exterior but has secret dreams on the inside. Without supportive adults to help mentor him in life skills, what happens to those dreams?   

With ‘a soft place to land’ and encouragement around them, the difficulties they’ve experienced do not have to define the future for kids in need of foster care. When people step up to foster, they’re saying, “I see you, I believe in your potential. I want to be part of seeing you succeed.”