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Morgan is a fierce advocate for kids. Through the uncertainty of the past few months, she has prioritized building powerful relationships with the kids and families she serves.

Previously, those interested in becoming a foster parent were required to attend class in person, but due to current restrictions, training classes have been made virtual so that new classes weren’t postponed.

An alarming number of children won’t get to sleep in a safe and loving home tonight because there aren’t enough foster parents in our area.

When Carl and Isla got the call late one evening that little Alicia, her baby brother Thomas and her older sister Penelope, needed a safe home, they said yes.

“You’re never on your own as a foster parent with CEDARS,” says Heather. “If I can foster and work full time, you can do it too. Especially with the support CEDARS provides.”

We first met Olivia when she was in need of a safe place to sleep. She had recently run away from her living situation, which was unsafe for her. 

Caitlin is a Family Resource Partner with the CEDARS Foster Care team. Not only does she support foster families, but she also helps interested families learn if fostering is right for them. 

CEDARS Foster Parents Dave and Melinda learned that their daughter Addison has an older sister that was also in need of care. The couple hadn’t considered caring for a teenager before, but they knew they didn’t want Addison to be separated from her sister.

Colbie's foster mom, Anita wanted Colbie to continue to be successful as she grew into an independent young woman. That’s why Anita kept a bedroom open for Colbie when she left for college.

Tami Thorton wants others to know that becoming a foster parent isn’t complicated.

As Placement Coordinator on the CEDARS Foster Care team, Corie helps connect children and youth with loving homes.

Dylan supports CEDARS foster families. In this interview he tells us a little about what that’s like!

“We love children and we were interested in helping kids that were less fortunate,” says Carolyn.

“There are so many kids that need family that will just love them and take them in their home," says Carmen. "There are so many great resources out there to help families do it. I’m doing it. And it’s all through CEDARS.”

Brian and Karren believe that it wasn’t any special quality that allowed them to make a difference for children, but it was the conscious decision to open their hearts and home.