CEDARS Family Tree

Become Part of Our Family

At CEDARS, family is important to us. We understand it takes the support of many caring individuals, like you, to help the children feel safe and secure. As a recurring giver you become a member of our family and play an integral role in ensuring that we are able to open our doors to vulnerable children for years to come.

You Make A Difference

Your recurring gift shows that you believe in the children and their ability to overcome the many obstacles they’ve already faced in their young lives. Because of you, youth can get the services they need to find safety and to leave the streets; parents can receive the tools they need to gain the confidence necessary to provide their family with a safe, loving home; and youth can get back on track and optimistic about their future before they become more deeply involved with the law.

It’s Convenient

We understand life can be busy so your recurring gift will be automatically withdrawn from your account each month. It’s simple to sign up and the convenience of the auto withdrawal means you’ll never have to worry about forgetting to send in your support for the children.