Power of the Purse

Directed Giving Campaign

CEDARS Youth Opportunity Center

Support the CEDARS Youth Opportunity Center (YOC) and help youth prepare to find a job.

Gainful employment would help many youth experiencing homelessness to better their lives, yet the youth at the YOC face many obstacles. Proper documentation, transportation and having an appropriate interview outfit can be difficult for these young people to obtain.

Together, we can help youth dropping into the YOC apply for jobs, develop interviewing skills, build confidence, gain transportation and find support. 

  • CEDARS YOC Job Preparedness Package - $750

    This package includes the following items to support youth at the CEDARS YOC: new computer, interview attire, bus pass or gas card, bike or car maintenance, documentation and food handler's permit, charging station and headphones, as well as a laundry voucher and haircut.

  • New Computer for CEDARS YOC - $300

    Imagine trying to create your resume or apply for a job without a computer! You can help provide the YOC with a new computer for youth to access.

  • Interview Attire for CEDARS YOC - $150

    Remember how nervous you were for your first interview? Now imagine going to your first interview without appropriate clothing. You can help a youth gain confidence with the right clothes.

  • Bike for CEDARS YOC - $75

    The last thing you want to worry about is how you are going to get to work. Help provide a youth with some stability by giving them a bike.

  • Proper Documentation or Food Handler's Permit for CEDARS YOC - $50

    Imagine trying to apply for a job without ID or necessary paperwork! You can help a youth get proper documentation, a food handler's permit or other certifications.

  • Bus Pass/Gas Card for CEDARS YOC - $30

    Would you be able to get to work without transportation? You can help provide a bus pass or gas voucher to a youth at the CEDARS YOC.

  • Charging Station and Headphones for CEDARS YOC - $25

    It is hard to stay in touch with your employer when your phone battery is dead. Provide a youth with the opportunity to charge their phone by purchasing a charging station and headphones.