Every Day, Innocent Children Live In The Frightening Chaos Of Abuse And Neglect.

This Spring, the need for CEDARS vital services intensified. Please help.

Vulnerable children are at the very heart of our work at CEDARS. Our commitment to providing safety and shelter to children facing neglect, abuse, homelessness and other crises is constant and unwavering.

The COVID-19 outbreak has added a new layer of challenge to our work. We want you to know that we are doing everything we can to provide support and care for children who have no other safe place to go – children like Maya.

A few short weeks ago, Maya and her mother were living in complete fear. Maya’s mom was suffering ongoing verbal abuse and physical beatings at the hands of Maya’s father. Protecting her child, Maya’s mother found the courage to pack up their belongings and leave.

Although grateful to be away from the fear of the physical harm that gripped her each day, what lay ahead was frightening, too. We have been honored to provide Maya with a safe place to stay while we walk alongisde her mom as she puts the pieces of their new life together.

For nearly 75 years, CEDARS has nurtured and cared for thousands of children who have faced the ugly realities of abuse and neglect.

For vulnerable kids like Maya, the stress of our recent public health crisis has only increased her risk of experiencing abuse and neglect. Families who were already under the strain and constant worry of social problems like poverty, family violence and homelessness are at their breaking point and feel they have nowhere left to turn. Often, their frustration and hopelessness boils over and innocent children suffer most.

Our commitment to helping children and families has not – and will not – change. We hope you share our commitment.

At CEDARS, the needs of kids always come first and our resilient, mission-driven team works to help kids cope with the trauma of their past experiences and
begin to move toward the future with courage and hope.

We need your help. The recent health crisis continues to stretch our already strained resources. We’ve been creative with our space to allow for social distancing and added more staff to maintain the appropriate supervision of children.

CEDARS has always been careful with our limited resources, and we will continue this practice - but this unprecedented public health crisis requires an “all hands on deck” approach and we need you.

Each child spared the horrors of abuse and neglect is a victory in the war against child abuse. Your gift will help keep CEDARS on the front lines, welcoming children who need us, night and day, no matter the circumstances that brought them to our door in need of a safe place to stay, free from abuse and neglect.