Every Day, Innocent Children Live In The Frightening Chaos Of Abuse And Neglect.

These are the children and youth who have always been and continue to be at the very heart of our work at CEDARS. We are also doing everything we can to provide support and care to the children we still have the chance to spare from the trauma of abuse and neglect – children like Noah.

A few short months ago, Noah and his mother were living in complete fear. Noah’s mom was suffering ongoing verbal abuse and physical beatings at the hands of Noah’s father. She worried about Noah witnessing his dad’s violent behavior. But ultimately, his mother worried that one day Noah himself would become the target of his father’s anger.

Protecting her child, Noah’s mother found the courage to pack up their belongings and leave.

Although grateful to be away from the fear of the physical harm that gripped her each day, what lay ahead was frightening, too. This vulnerable family was beginning a critical journey.

For over 70 years, CEDARS has nurtured and cared for thousands of children who were not spared the ugly realities of abuse or neglect – they were already victims by the time they came to us. We will always be committed to helping these young victims. But we are also committed to being a part of a larger effort to protect children like Noah, preventing them from becoming victims of abuse or neglect.

At CEDARS, we have the opportunity to work alongside a number of families like Noah’s who are struggling to stay strong. Families who are threatened with extreme poverty, addiction, and worse. Families dealing with the relentless stress of protecting their children without any support system.

Each family’s situation is a little bit different, but all have a common need for immediate help to be able to stay safely together. At CEDARS, we know that the best way to prevent child abuse and neglect is to strengthen families. That is why we provide resources to families vulnerable to being pulled apart. For some of these families, that means caring for their kids while the parents work to establish a more secure home. For others, that means helping parents build life skills and better equipping them to care for their children.

We need your help. There are many kids like Noah, and your gift provides the resources we need to care for them. Please give a gift in support of young, vulnerable children and families fighting to stay together.

Through CEDARS, you become part of a larger effort to make sure children never have to experience the horrors and trauma of abuse or neglect.

Your gift will help us ensure that children are given the opportunity to live in safety and security.