Lifeline to a Child in Need

Every day is different for Shelly, Travis, and Julia. They wake up, not knowing if they will eat breakfast or go to school like other kids their age. They don’t even know if they’ll wake up to a parent at home or be completely alone.

Shelly, Julia and Travis are close in age, the youngest in kindergarten and the oldest in fifth grade. And for the last two years the children’s parents have been battling addiction.

This means days when there is no food to be found in the children’s home; when for hours each day they may be left alone to care for themselves and with dreadful feelings of uncertainty about the days and weeks ahead of them.

Children feel safe when their lives are structured, predictable and scheduled. That is a far cry from what abused and neglected children live with, in homes where they are always guessing and always adapting in order to survive in a family in crisis.

As school doors open this year for children all over the country, thousands of kids like Shelly, Travis and Julia will welcome the safety and stability that their classrooms provide. But for some children, just getting to school is a big hurdle. That’s why we at CEDARS rely on support from caring individuals to help us provide stability for children who are more familiar with conflict and confusion than they are with writing and arithmetic.

The mission of caring for children like Shelly and her siblings is critical and ongoing. A donation, large or small, is a lifeline to these children—it allows us to pull them from the craziness of abuse and neglect and addiction into a world where they can experience stability and love.

One of our goals at CEDARS is to fulfill a child’s basic needs, so he can go to school and be concerned only about learning. So she can concentrate in class without the distraction of an empty stomach. So he can play at recess without the fear of the unknown.

We can’t fulfill our mission without you. And at this critical time, as children are beginning a new school year and embarking on a new journey in their education, they need you, perhaps now more than ever.

Make your donation today, and help us bring security and stability to the lives of children in crisis. A good education is of utmost importance to these kids — it may very well be what enables them to break a cycle of addiction and abuse that is often the hallmark of families in crisis.