The Truth Is, Neglect And Homelessness Are Real

Before eleven-year-old Amelia came to CEDARS, she was living in a car with her mom. The car was out of gas and the battery was running low. Despite having gone without bathing for over a week and eating only minimal food for longer, Amelia was willing to give a small smile—whenever she would look up from her dog-eared book.

The truth is, neglect and homelessness are real. And children are living with these realities every day.

The first evening Amelia came to us, she was already asking when she could go home.

You see, even though the conditions of the car were terrible, that was what she’d always known. After eating a meal, and putting on clean clothes provided by a community member, Amelia relaxed enough to tell the team about the book she carried with her. She had read it multiple times but had not had the opportunity to read the rest of the series.

We talked with Amelia a great deal, helping her to understand that her mother needed some time to become more stable before they could live together again and that we wanted to provide a safe place for her in the meantime. Initially, Amelia was unsure about going to live with people she didn’t know, but couldn’t hide her smile when Diana, her new foster mom, showed her the family bookshelves. At eye level were the remaining six books in the series she loved.

It is our hope that Amelia will soon be able to go back to a stable and safe home with her mom, but while her mom looks for safe housing and a job, your support will ensure Amelia has everything she needs to be happy and healthy.

For 70 years, supporters like you have allowed CEDARS to care for the most vulnerable in the community—children. Every day about 800 kids rely on CEDARS for safety and stability in their young lives.

Your gift today will ensure that CEDARS can continue to provide safety and stability for kids like Amelia and to help build stronger families.



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