Foster Parents of the Month

Congratulations to James and Deanna, CEDARS Foster Parents of the Month!

James and Deanna became foster parents for the first time last month when they welcomed siblings Marcus and Kara into their home. Others who know the children have noted a drastic improvement to their attitudes since being with James and Deanna.

Marcus’ teacher reports that he appears happy, clean, and far less distracted than before. Unfortunately, court reports depicted Marcus as a boy who would be very difficult to bond with. Deanna did not let that stop her. Slowly but surely, Deanna formed an incredible bond with Marcus; a bond based on trust and understanding.

Kara has also blossomed in the care of James and Deanna. She spends her afternoons with James. He is careful to involve her in all his activities, planting flowers, caring for the family pets, cooking and cleaning up after meals. She loves every minute of it.

After Marcus had been in the home for a while, he decided to take some of Deanna’s jewelry. When she realized some things were missing, she asked about them. Marcus came clean and gave the jewelry back to Deanna. Her reaction was one of love and empathy. She simply informed him that if there is ever anything he needs, all he has to do is ask. That there is nothing in the family’s home that would not be shared with him.

James and Deanna go the extra mile to help their foster children feel welcome and accepted. Marcus and Kara came to them from a different town and didn’t have any friends in the area. Deanna has worked very hard to find activities for the children to become involved in so they can meet other children their age.

Thank you James and Deanna! You are making a difference in the lives of these children.