Windstream's Go Green and Stream to Benefit CEDARS

Windstream announces Go Green and Stream effort during National Recycle Week, encourages Lincoln residents to bring old CDs and DVDs to retail stores for recycling
For every disc brought in, Windstream will donate $1 to CEDARS Youth Services

Today's streaming and digital technology have made CDs and DVDs unnecessary to enjoy quality entertainment. To encourage proper disposal of old media discs, Windstream is hosting Go Green and Stream during National Recycle Week, and each person's participation will benefit CEDARS Youth Services.

Windstream is asking residents to bring their unwanted collection of CDs and DVDs to either of its Lincoln retail stores November 12-16, and the company will ensure it is properly recycled. To show appreciation for making an environmentally-friendly effort, Windstream will also donate $1 to CEDARS Youth Services (up to $5,000) for every disc brought in.

"Most of the devices we use today for entertainment - televisions, cell phones, gaming systems - can connect to the internet, giving users instant access to movies and music of their choice," says Angela Aust, Windstream retail sales manager for Lincoln. "The disc is no longer needed, so we're hosting Go Green and Stream to make recycling unwanted ones an easy and rewarding process for Lincoln."

Windstream has two retail stores in Lincoln, 1440 M. Street and 2901 Pine Lake Road. Once inside, Go Green and Stream participants will be asked to separate and place the disc, paper and jewel case (if needed) in specified boxes. At the conclusion of the campaign, Windstream will deliver all materials to the appropriate recycling center.

Go Green and Stream is available exclusively to Nebraska residents in the greater Lincoln area.