CEDARS Foster Parents of the Month

Two sisters were removed from their mother’s care for the first time in July. By the end of the same month, they were just settling in to their second foster home when that foster family gave notice. The sisters had some difficult behaviors – like fighting, hitting, and arguing – that would make the new placement tricky.

Jon and Jessie graciously embraced the girls and welcomed them into their home. When the girls were first placed with them, the caseworker said they would only be in their home for a month or two. Then, at the beginning of October, the girls’ mother was arrested and all contact with her was suspended.

During this difficult time for the girls, Jon and Jessie stepped up their role and decided to make the sisters a more permanent living space. They let the girls paint their bedroom, rearrange their furniture, and had photos take n of the girls to personalize their room. Recognizing their love for animals, Jon and Jessie got the girls some fish for their room as well.

Jon and Jessie have openly accepted these girls into their home, despite their behaviors that other foster parents could not handle. They have even expressed interest in a permanent living arrangement, should their case move in that direction.

Congratulations to Jon and Jessie, this month’s CEDARS Foster Parents of the Month!