Wiens Brings Her Story Back to Lincoln During Child Abuse Prevention Month

CEDARS has cared for tens of thousands of children in crisis over the past 67 years. During Child Abuse Prevention Month, we stop to pay particular attention to preventing child abuse from ever happening, and recognize that we each play a part in keeping children and families safe in our community.

“We are thrilled to have Kathy back in Lincoln to honor Child Abuse Prevention Month. Any time we have the opportunity to reconnect with someone who was previously a child in our care, we are so grateful,” said CEDARS President Jim Blue.

Katherine Burkey Wiens spent five months in CEDARS care when she was a child. Without the resources to effectively care for their daughter, her parents were not able to keep her from harm. Abuse and neglect in the home led to her removal and eventual placement in foster care through CEDARS.

Wiens has written a memoir chronicling the first ten years of her life, providing insight into the life of an abused and neglected child. “My experience at CEDARS helped prepare me for life with a stable family. CEDARS and my parents brought hope and worked a miracle of healing in my life,” says Wiens.

“This story can help teachers, foster parents, counselors, or anyone who works with children experiencing abuse or neglect to gain a deeper compassion and empathy for these young people. I want everyone to understand what it’s like to be an abused and neglected child placed in foster care,” says Wiens.

CEDARS has cared for thousands of children in our community for whom intervention was too late. CEDARS is committed to attacking the issue of abuse and neglect from both ends, and is working with families who are struggling to stay together, dealing with the relentless stress of protecting their children.

During Child Abuse Awareness month, CEDARS encourages everyone to recognize that we each play a part in keeping children and families in our community safe and strong.

In an effort to maintain a high level of awareness around the responsibility we all hold to children, CEDARS is engaging in a month-long focused training series to educate and re-educate staff, stakeholders, foster parents and others about the realities and warnings signs of abuse.

By ensuring that parents and caretakers have the knowledge, skills, and resources they need to care for their children, we can help promote children’s safety and prevent child abuse and neglect in our community.

Through a variety of programs, CEDARS provides resources to families vulnerable to being pulled apart by the threat of abuse or neglect. For some of these families, that means caring for kids while their parents work to establish a more secure home, and for others, that means helping parents build life skills to better equip them to care for their children.

Wiens held a book signing on Saturday, April 12 at Barnes and Noble at 2910 Pine Lake Road. Proceeds from the book sales went to CEDARS Home for Children Foundation.