Keeping Your Resolutions

How are those New Year's resolutions going?

New Year’s resolutions can be daunting to even the most resolved among us. Take a few tips that CEDARS gathered from around the web to start your year on the right foot.

1. Write it down.
According to the New York Times, those who planned to get a flu shot AND wrote down the date and time they planned to go to the clinic were 13% more likely to get the shot than those who only mentally planned to get the shot.

Try this goal on for size: I’m going to join CEDARS automatic monthly giving circle. Write it down, then sign up!

2. Bundle your goals!
Also according to the New York Times, bundling goals is another effective technique to stick with it. They suggest that someone might want to exercise more and read “The Hunger Games” less. Perfect. Leave “The Hunger Games,” at the gym. You’re 56% more likely to go.

Try this goal on for size: I will only eat dessert in months I give to CEDARS.

3. The Buddy System
It’s easier with friends. According to the Huffington Post, getting a friend (or two) involved in your resolution can keep you accountable. You can compare successes and failures and make sure you both are doing your part to stay on track with encouragement and admonishment.

Try this goal on for size: I will get one friend to start giving to CEDARS with me.

4. Start small.

Don’t try to swallow the whole hog. Start small. You don’t just wake up on January 1st and run a marathon. You start maybe walking, get your blood pumping, and you work your way up.

Try this goal on for size: I will increase my gift to CEDARS by five dollars.