Special Message from CEDARS President Jim Blue

I, like so many of you, am having a hard time processing what our community and our country is experiencing. These are difficult circumstances and I know that as a nation and a community, we have a lot to learn and unlearn about inequality and honoring the experience of Black Americans.

The last few days have been filled with many emotions and I recognize this could be traumatic for our employees, our friends, and the kids and families we care for. At CEDARS, our philosophy of care can give us some insights into this situation.

We know, through our trauma-informed lens, that when an individual who has experienced trauma is demonstrating negative behaviors, that is a symptom of their trauma and an outward expression of their much larger internal pain. What is happening in Minneapolis - and in our own communities of Lincoln and Omaha - is traumatic. And the trauma is compounded because it has lived for generations. 

It becomes our responsibility to give a safe space for clients and friends to express those intolerable feelings, understand their history and prior experiences, listen to and learn from them, and then partner with them to heal and create hope for a better future. 

This healing also requires that we build and repair relationships, characterized by respect, information, connection, and hope. Using this framework, we can begin to understand the impact of generational and current trauma to an entire group of people and use that lens to understand current events and our own responsibility in the solution and healing.

As we move through this time, please be kind to one another. And please reach out if you need help.



Jim Blue