Here for kids. Here for families. Here for the Davises.

A mother, father and two sons with their arms around each other at a park.

Meet the Davis family! 

They’re a caring family – love spending time together and having guests over for dinner. 

The family welcomed Aaron and adopted him when he was 13 years old.  

Aaron was thankful for the Davises, but he was struggling with the transition. His trauma caused him to act out and be destructive. 

That’s when CEDARS stepped in to rebuild connections amongst the family. Their Family Partner, Ashley, helped the Davises identify their strengths, triggers and goals to help bring stability to the home. 

Aaron and his adoptive parents were hesitant at first but saw that Ashley was there to help. Her support and patience helped everyone get on board with the curriculum and tools she was providing for the family. 

After being in the program for nearly six months, the family has completely transformed. Aaron is coping with his outbursts better and his parents are communicating with him more effectively.  

They say the biggest lesson they learned was that ‘an escalated adult cannot deescalate an escalated child.’ 

CEDARS is here for kids, here for families and was here for the Davis family when they need it most!