See the Impact Fostering Has on a Child.

This holiday card was written by a child in CEDARS Foster Care to his foster mom. It reads:

“Merry Christmas, Michelle. Thank you for everything. You have given me the best gift ever: a loving and caring home. You never give up on me and I'm thankful for that 'cause no one has really ever did that for me, so thank you.”

It's clear how much Michelle has impacted this little boy—and by opening her home to him, she's a key part of his bright future.

Kids reach their potential in safe, secure, encouraging homes. For some, this is found in a foster home. What happens when there aren't enough foster homes? Kids end up in unstable, shifting situations. And that makes it so much harder for them to reach their potential.

The need for foster parents is urgent. Michelle began her foster care journey by completing our online application. You can too at