Lorenzo's Story

Teen boy standing in the kitchen and softly smiling at the camera

Meet Lorenzo, a teen participating in the CYC program. 

When Lorenzo joined the CYC program, he was struggling with the loss of his mother and brother. He had also recently relocated to his father’s home in a town unfamiliar to him and was falling behind in school. In the CYC program, Lorenzo worked with staff to learn coping skills and make a plan for his future. Our team helped him schedule college visits and fill out scholarship and job applications. In addition, Lorenzo was able to get back on track in school, and even graduated two months early! 

Lorenzo now has a job he enjoys, received three scholarships, and has been accepted and enrolled in college. His participation in the CYC program has helped him to reach his independent living, employment, educational, and mental health goals. We are so proud of the work Lorenzo has done and look forward to seeing what he accomplishes in the future! 

CEDARS Community Youth Coaching (CYC) program is a youth-guided, family-driven program that provides safety and stability through intensive relationship building and youth development. A CEDARS Community Youth Coach serves as a positive role model, providing advocacy and individualized coaching to kids as they build critical problem-solving strategies and other life skills. 

A Coach and the youth and their family meet for a minimum of three hours per week for 45 days or longer, if needed. This partnership is vital to the success of the program. By partnering with CEDARS, kids and their families receive a team approach, help with creating and maintaining service plans and family engagement, and regular communication that celebrates their progress. 

After completing the program, kids and their families will have gained, problem-solving and conflict-management skills, communication skills, and increased school attendance – all intended to create more stability in their lives.