Susie's Story

Teen girl standing outside and smiling at the camera

Meet Susie, a sweet and talented teenager who recently stayed at CEDARS Emergency Shelter. Susie came to Shelter because of challenges she was facing at home. When she first arrived, Susie was struggling with her mental health, wasn’t enrolled in school, and was unable to access necessary medications. 

CEDARS Shelter staff stepped in to provide the structure and support Susie needed. Our team helped connect her with a mental health professional, regain access to her medications, and enroll in the right classes.  

During her stay, staff and other kids in our care learned more about Susie’s fun personality and even experienced her incredible talent for art and drawing. Susie opened up to them, sharing how much they felt like a supportive family to her.  

And after just a couple of weeks, Susie was able to safely return home, feeling more stable and supported. 

So many kids like Susie are looking for safety and stability, and we are here to help.