Grant's Story

Teen boy with curly hair smiling into the camera

Meet Grant!

Grant was struggling with his mental health and had not attended school in months. When he met with his team at CEDARS, they noted that he was shy and guarded, but expressed a desire to do well. That’s when one CEDARS staff member decided Grant needed to create a “Strengths Board.” 

Grant was challenged to come up with 14 strengths and write them on a poster. After some time, he had only written down three. Our staff began to ask him some questions and, over time, they uncovered more strengths that Grant hadn’t considered before. They included things such as obtaining a job, being loyal, having musical talents, and being a good friend. By the end of their meeting, Grant had come up with 26 unique strengths!  

The project was so impactful that Grant hung up the poster in his room for motivation. He has since improved his school attendance and shares a smile much more easily. CEDARS has helped Grant open up and see that he has more strengths than he realizes. And at CEDARS, we celebrate every single win, no matter the size.