The Walkers' Story

Mom holding a toddler boy outside and smiling at the camera

Danielle recently moved to Lincoln with her four young children - Sam (13), Collin (9), Laura (4), and Elliot (2) - so that she could be closer to family after leaving an unstable relationship. Once she arrived, Danielle struggled to find childcare for Laura and Elliot. After being referred to visit CEDARS Northbridge Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC), she was relieved to learn that there were openings in the preschool and toddler classrooms.  

Danielle was also excited to learn that her children’s teachers have been working in our program for several years and regularly participate in continuing education to further their knowledge of child development. Furthermore, she was pleased to know that all CEDARS staff are trained in trauma-informed care and would be empathetic toward the trauma her family has experienced. CEDARS ECDC provided the family with a scholarship to assist with childcare expenses until Danielle could find work. 

Within the first month of enrollment, Laura and Elliot were able to settle into their classrooms and gain the stability of a routine. A formal assessment was performed on both children, and it was determined that Elliot had some developmental delays in speech, language, socialization, and emotion. ECDC staff referred Elliot to community resources for his speech and language delays, and he began receiving services on-site with a Speech-Language Pathologist. Additionally, the CEDARS Early Childhood Therapist began working with Elliot on his social and emotional development. 

CEDARS ECDC was also able to connect Danielle to CEDARS Prevention program to wrap additional services around the family and help Danielle find housing, search for suitable employment, and strengthen her financial literacy.  

Both Laura and Elliot are doing exceptionally well in the ECDC program and have come a long way. They have made friends, understand a routine, and can learn in an environment rich with knowledge and resources. Danielle feels confident that her two youngest children are in safe and nurturing care while they are away from her.  

Danielle has now been working for a couple of months and is hopeful for the future. She is thankful for all the support that has been offered to her through CEDARS, and CEDARS is likewise grateful for the support that scholarships provide so that we can positively impact families in our community.