Here for kids. Here for Families. Here for Robyn.

Meet Robyn!

Robyn loves to read, play basketball and spend time with her friends. She also struggles with several serious mental health disorders, often making it difficult for her to enjoy her favorite things.

Robyn came to CEDARS Emergency Shelter when her adoptive father was no longer able to provide the care she needed.

We have spent the last few months really getting to know Robyn, wrapping services around her while she stays with us. Staff in Emergency Shelter and CEDARS clinicians working with Robyn are trained in a trauma-informed approach to care, which focuses on building strong relationships to help kids and families heal. Together, Robyn and CEDARS staff found some therapy that works well for her.

She is set to leave CEDARS soon to go back and live with her adoptive father. Staff says she couldn’t be happier.

With help from CEDARS, Robyn now has the stability she always deserved.

Thank you for supporting our work at CEDARS so we can be here for kids like Robyn.