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Meet Julia! 

She’s a kindhearted teen – loves writing poetry and fishing at local ponds.  

Julia wasn’t safe at home. Her parents had problems with their mental health and substance abuse. CEDARS stepped in to protect Julia and find her the safety she had always deserved. 

She was placed with the Wilsons to give her a fresh start. The Wilsons were dedicated to making sure Julia felt safe and welcomed in their home. They even took her fishing, introducing her to their family’s favorite pastime. Those fishing trips showed Julie how much the Wilsons really cared about her as a member of their family.  

With the help of CEDARS and her foster family, Julia started to heal from the wounds of her childhood. The safety and stability of her foster family also helped Julia focus more on school where her grades have improved! 

The Wilsons helped Julia see all that she can be. 

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