CEDARS History

We are celebrating our 70th anniversary of helping kids in crisis! Read how we started.

Hulda Roper was Lincoln’s first female police officer and one of the founders of CEDARS.

For more than three decades thousands of boys and girls fondly called Alberta Kuklish, Mom. Read her inspiring story.

Marie thought she was too busy, but made time to get involved when she heard children needed her help. Read her inspiring story.

Not only was Asa one of the founding members of the CEDARS organization, but he served as Executive Director of the Home for thirty-eight years, from its founding until his retirement at age 85.

Those who have enjoyed reading the CEDARS Historical book might have wondered, who was Ralph?

Community efforts to support one couple with a passion for helping children would become CEDARS.

The new construction was part of a city revitalization project that would help to bring vital resources to an underserved community.

The date of December 23 has had a special place in CEDARS history as we provide safe refuge to children with no other safe place to spend the night.