Success Stories

Letting Their Successes Tell the Story

The true measure of our success lies in the thousands of individual stories from children and families who have overcome painful pasts and built bright futures with our help. Read their stories...

The stories provided about the children and families in our care are real.
In some cases, names may be changed and details altered to protect their privacy and therapeutic interests.

Some parents of the kids who utilized our before and after school programs recently found themselves out of work and facing significant stressors. Kira's mom wondered how they were going to make it through these difficult times.

When Carl and Isla got the call late one evening that little Alicia, her baby brother Thomas and her older sister Penelope, needed a safe home, they said yes.

A simple act by a caring community member—taking time out of her day and offering encouraging words—will have a lasting impression on the lives of these kids long into their futures.

Terrence left home when it became unsafe for him. He was sixteen and didn’t know where else to turn.

In a moment of anger, Jacob had a “meltdown.” Because of the relationship that our team had built with Jacob over many afternoons together, this meltdown turned into a success.

As a young mother with no close family or friends to help out, Bonnie felt overwhelmed by all the pressures and responsibilities of being a mom for the first time to daughter, Jade.

Thanks to community support, youth on the streets can turn to CEDARS when they have no other safe place to go

We first met Olivia when she was in need of a safe place to sleep. She had recently run away from her living situation, which was unsafe for her. 

CEDARS Foster Parents Dave and Melinda learned that their daughter Addison has an older sister that was also in need of care. The couple hadn’t considered caring for a teenager before, but they knew they didn’t want Addison to be separated from her sister.

Thirteen year old Nikolai used to hate school. We met him this past spring when CEDARS was asked by his school to help provide support to him and his family.

Jamison put on a tough exterior and didn’t open up or get to know anyone. But the staff at CEDARS didn’t give up on him.

We first met Shannon when she was 17, a new parent, and experiencing homelessness because she was leaving an unsafe living situation in order to protect her daughter.

Colbie's foster mom, Anita wanted Colbie to continue to be successful as she grew into an independent young woman. That’s why Anita kept a bedroom open for Colbie when she left for college.

Late last year, as Rachel was expecting the birth of her first child, she began to grow worried. Who was she going to call when she had questions? Who could she ask for advice? CEDARS came alongside Rachel with resources, support and education.