Laura's Story

Laura's Story

Recently we received a special note from a young woman whose life was impacted while staying with us at CEDARS.

A few months back, Laura sought our help when she didn’t know where else to turn. She was sixteen at the time and we were saddened to learn that she was unable to live at home. She slept on a friend’s couch as long as she was able, but when she needed to move on she had no place to turn. When she contacted our team, we started supporting her by finding safe housing and then began to identify goals for her long-term success.

At first, Laura struggled to identify goals because for so long she had been focused solely on finding enough food to eat and a warm place to sleep. She hadn’t thought much about her future beyond the day in front of her.

Our team showed her options and laid out pros and cons. Laura saw the benefits of getting a job and pursuing an education. She even identified a career that she had a desire to pursue—becoming a dental hygienist. Laura is well on her way to being able to provide for herself.

This is the note from Laura that we wanted to share with you:

“I’m sorry I can’t write every single one of you. If I had enough cards, I would, because I have so many good things to say. Thank you for making this feel like a place where I can be myself. You guys and gals have helped me and been there for me and just for that I count you as part of my family and my heart. I hope none of you forget, because I won’t. You took care of me and for that, I thank you so so much.”

Notes like this warm our hearts. Just like Laura says, you are part of the CEDARS family, and on her behalf we can’t express our gratitude enough!

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