When a Dropping Grade Is a Sign Of Much More

When a Dropping Grade Is a Sign Of Much More

Lonnie is a smart kid who is interested in becoming a computer programmer. He enjoys math and has always done well in school.

Unfortunately last fall, Lonnie’s living situation became unstable, causing him to miss class and his grades to drop. This instability prompted his school to ask us to give him some one-on-one attention to ensure his success.

During our first meeting with Lonnie, we noticed he had several tiny bite marks on his arms. After some investigation, it was discovered that there was an infestation of bed bugs in the hotel room where Lonnie and his mom were staying. Lonnie only had one outfit of clothing that he wore to school every day; his family couldn’t afford to wash it regularly or to purchase additional clothing.

Thanks to a few generous donors, we were able to provide Lonnie with several outfits for the warm weather at the beginning of the school year, as well as clothing for the coming fall and winter.

CEDARS staff were also able to support Lonnie’s mother by helping her secure stable housing that would provide a clean and healthy environment for her family.

These changes gave Lonnie more self-esteem and he now talks about his future with hope. Someday, he plans to build a computer game with his friends that anyone can play on their phones.

Having the stability of a loving family and a clean and healthy home is giving Lonnie the best childhood he can have to prepare him for his future.