Helping kids in crisis. Building strong families.

It is the mission of CEDARS to help children achieve safety, stability, and enduring family relationships.

For over 70 years, thousands of vulnerable children and youth have found safe refuge and a new beginning at CEDARS. One of Nebraska’s most trusted child-service organizations, CEDARS makes sure that children feel safe and secure. At the same time, we’re giving parents, foster families, and partnering agencies the support they need to care effectively for children. 

If you are experiencing an immediate crisis situation, call the National Crisis Hotline at 800-448-3000.

Little seven-year-old Kara will spend her holidays with us at CEDARS this year instead of at home. When neighbors reported concerns of abuse in her home, she came to stay with us. She told us she slept on the floor and hadn’t had anything to eat that day.  Her face lit up at the sight of the bed she could call her own.

It may be difficult for many of us to imagine being away from family during this special time. But for Kara, this holiday will be the first one she has spent in a place where she feels truly safe.

Here at CEDARS, Kara has safe shelter and her basic needs met. But we know that her needs go beyond the basics.


Abused And Neglected Children Need You This Holiday

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Each year, this fun evening brings together local women to raise money for vulnerable children, youth and their families in this community.

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Staff at CEDARS know how important hope is for the children, youth and families we serve every day.