Helping kids in crisis. Building strong families.

It is the mission of CEDARS to help children achieve safety, stability, and enduring family relationships.

For over 70 years, thousands of vulnerable children and youth have found safe refuge and a new beginning at CEDARS. One of Nebraska’s most trusted child-service organizations, CEDARS makes sure that children feel safe and secure. At the same time, we’re giving parents, foster families, and partnering agencies the support they need to care effectively for children. 

If you are experiencing an immediate crisis situation, call the National Crisis Hotline at 800-448-3000.

A few short months ago, Noah and his mother were living in complete fear. Noah’s mom was suffering ongoing verbal abuse and physical beatings at the hands of Noah’s father. She worried about Noah witnessing his dad’s violent behavior. But ultimately, his mother worried that one day Noah himself would become the target of his father’s anger.

Protecting her child, Noah’s mother found the courage to pack up their belongings and leave.


Every Day, Innocent Children Live In The Frightening Chaos Of Abuse And Neglect.

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It can be difficult for kids, teenagers, and even adults to identify and express their feelings in a way that is easy for others to understand. Be patient, and if you hear any of these phrases, dig deeper.

Thirteen year old Nikolai used to hate school. We met him this past spring when CEDARS was asked by his school to help provide support to him and his family.

CEDARS recently received $25,000 from Children’s Hospital in Omaha, Nebraska for a childhood obesity prevention grant that will allow us to offer yoga classes to all of the children enrolled in our Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC) twice a week.