Foster Care Staff Directory

To contact a member of the CEDARS Foster Care staff during non-office hours, please call 402-560-6571.

Fax: 402-437-8944

Megan Harris, Program Director: 402-437-8830 or Email Megan

Caitlin Summerlin, Recruiter: 402-810-1399 or Email Caitlin
Corinne Fleming, Placement Coordinator: 402-437-8828 or Email Corinne

Kara Warnke, Assistant Program Director Licensing Team: 402-904-3267 or Email Kara

Amy Schlueter, Renewals: 402-802-8238
Beth Burnham, Approved Homes: 402-570-0415
Nicole Wurtele, Renewals: 402-580-4962
Lindsey Harms, Approved Homes: 402-570-8375
Sarah Newling, Support: 402-770-0969

Susie Bogus, Assistant Program Director Support Team: 402-904-3255 or Email Susie

Jason Danner, Support: 402-770-1482
Pete Dennis, Support: 402-890-6521
Hailey Smith, Support: 402-310-6731

Taylor Williams, Assistant Program Director Support Team: 402-437-8949 or Email Taylor

Elizabeth Fandl, Support: 402-770-4911
Dylan Best, Support: 402-890-3918
Morgan Shea, Support: 402-904-1852
Harlee Quidato, Support: 402-890-5625