News at CEDARS

CEDARS needs your help to care for kids during COVID-19.

“You’re never on your own as a foster parent with CEDARS,” says Heather. “If I can foster and work full time, you can do it too. Especially with the support CEDARS provides.”

Tia is the Assistant Program Director of the CEDARS Pioneers Center, the only emergency shelter for youth in our community. 

Jim and Susanne Blue were honored at Nebraska’s 2020 Statehood Day Banquet on February 29 in the State Capitol Rotunda.

A simple act by a caring community member—taking time out of her day and offering encouraging words—will have a lasting impression on the lives of these kids long into their futures.

At CEDARS, the safety of the kids and families we serve, as well as our staff, is—and will always be—our number one priority.