News at CEDARS

An increase in remote working, changes in the way consumers shop, and other factors meant the real possibility that kids wouldn’t have access to much needed items like summer clothing and activities. 

Morgan is a fierce advocate for kids. Through the uncertainty of the past few months, she has prioritized building powerful relationships with the kids and families she serves.

Previously, those interested in becoming a foster parent were required to attend class in person, but due to current restrictions, training classes have been made virtual so that new classes weren’t postponed.

Some parents of the kids who utilized our before and after school programs recently found themselves out of work and facing significant stressors. Kira's mom wondered how they were going to make it through these difficult times.

I, like so many of you, am having a hard time processing what our community and our country is experiencing.

An alarming number of children won’t get to sleep in a safe and loving home tonight because there aren’t enough foster parents in our area.