Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose the type of child I would like to foster?  

  •  During the home study process, CEDARS staff will talk with the family about their strengths and what children they believe would fit into their home. This includes a child’s age, gender, emotional and behavioral needs

Can I work outside the home?

  • Yes

Do I need to own my own home?

  •  No, foster parents can rent or own their place of residence.  

Can I have my own kids living at home? 

  • Yes. Including the foster parent’s own children, there can be no more than six (6) total children under the age of 19 in a 2 parent household; with no more than four (4) of those children under the age of six (6). A single-parent household can have no more than four (4) total children living in the home, and there should be no more than two (2) children under the age of six (6).    

Do I need to pay for daycare?

  • No, daycare support is often available for children until age 12. 

Do I need to pay for health insurance?

  • No, ongoing medical insurance (Medicaid) is usually available for the child until age 19.