Safe Children and Strong Families

Safe Children and Strong Families

As parents we want what’s best for our children. Keeping them safe and giving them all that’s needed to thrive, including essentials like food, clothing and shelter is our responsibility. We work hard to protect our children on a daily basis. And that protection starts with us.

Of equal importance with taking care of our children, is taking care of ourselves so that we can be strong parents and build a healthy relationship with each child. This creates safe children and strong families.

One of the ways we talk about building strong families is the term, protective factors. In order to have a strong family, protective factors must be present.

What are protective factors?

Protective factors are conditions that increase the health and well-being of children and families. When present, or enhanced, protective factors reduce the risk of negative outcomes within a family. The six protective factors include:

Nurturing and Attachment—children experiencing nurturing in the home and having a positive bond with a caring adult

Parental Resilience—a parent’s ability to manage stress and function well when faced with challenges

Social Connections—family members, friends, neighbors, and members of the community that provide support and assistance to parents

Knowledge of Parenting and Child Development—an understanding of child development and parenting strategies that support a child’s development

Concrete Support in Times of Need—ensuring that the basic needs of the family are met and connecting to services and resources in times of crisis

Social-Emotional Competence of Children—a child’s ability to interact positively with others and effectively communicate their emotions

Do these protective factors describe your life or do you think you could use some support in one or more of these areas?

If you’re looking for more help, support, and guidance, we’re here to help with that. CEDARS Prevention Services offers support and resources to families from pregnancy up to children 18 years of age. Through our free and voluntary services, we can help you navigate the joys and struggles of parenting. We want your family to be safe, strong, and successful.

If you have more questions or would like further parenting support, give us a call at 402-436-5437.