CEDARS Dedication to RICH Relationships

Green square graphic with white text: RICH Relationships, Respect, Information, Connection, Hope. CEDARS logo centered at the bottom. White border around text and yellow swooping graphic accenting title.
Trauma-Informed Care (TIC) is an integral part of the work CEDARS does to be here for kids and families. An aspect of TIC is building positive healing relationships between kids in our care and our staff members.  

Healing relationships are defined by four components: Respect, Information, Connection and Hope (RICH). 

Respect lays the groundwork for a positive relationship, creating a supportive environment that allows each person to feel seen, heard and cared for.  

Information is an important tool for building trust. Oftentimes kids come to CEDARS feeling like they have little to no control over their lives. Sharing information, collaborating and elevating the voices of kids in our care teaches them it’s alright to advocate for themselves and empowers them to share insights into their inner world, allowing us to create care plans that really work. 

Connection is all about finding common ground with the kids we serve. Forming connections with others can be difficult, but it is essential for establishing a support system kids can rely on to thrive.  

Hope is the final component of RICH relationships. Manifesting hope for a different life, a new beginning or a positive future makes all the difference when helping kids see all they can be.  

All CEDARS staff are trained to live out these principles, developing RICH relationships with every kid we serve.