Yaamir's Story

Three-year-old Middle Eastern boy looking at the camera.

Three-year-old Yaamir and his family left their home country a few years ago to live in the United States. Shortly after arriving, he began receiving childcare for the first time in his life at our Early Childhood Development Center (ECDC). Yaamir didn’t know any English and was unsure of his new environment.  

Our ECDC teachers found creative ways to help Yaamir feel welcome while also teaching him the English language. Soon, he opened up to the other kids around him and developed close bonds with his classroom teachers. Yaamir and his family have since returned home, but his mom shared a heartwarming message with our ECDC staff before they left: 

“You have not just been teachers but a true extension of our family...The progress he has made under your guidance is a testament to your exceptional teaching skills and genuine care. Your role in his life extends far beyond that of educators-you have been mentors, confidantes and most important, family. The bonds formed here will hold a special place in our heart.” 

We are so grateful for the wonderful staff at our ECDC for being here for kids like Yaamir!