Foster Parent Spotlight: Vicki

Vicki smiling at the camera

Meet Vicki, a CEDARS foster parent! Vicki has proudly served as a foster parent for 20 years. 

After her last child left for college, Vicki looked for ways that she could use her empty home to help others. She was drawn to CEDARS foster care program after seeing the way they had cared for and treated a family member who had been in foster care.  

“I’ve had an outstanding experience as a CEDARS foster parent,” Vicki said. “They are very loyal and easy to talk to, and always have my back.” 

As a foster parent, Vicki strives to be the reason kids placed with her make new, happy memories. They never get left out of family plans and are always included in every event – even a family trip to Disney World! Some of her favorite moments come from knowing she played a role in helping so many children reunify with their parents.  

“The best part about being a foster parent is being there for the kids until they reach reunification. I love seeing them grow and being a safe place for them to stay,” Vicki shared. 

A (super) fun fact about Vicki is that throughout her time as a foster parent, she has adopted 12 kids! We are so grateful to have Vicki’s devoted and caring heart on our team. Thank you for being here for kids, Vicki!