Paula's Story

Teen girl in a pink t-shirt softly smiling at the camera.

Paula has faced so many uncertainties in her young life. Her parents struggled with ongoing mental health issues, and when they chose to move away from Lincoln, Paula was left behind. She stayed with a family friend for some time before arriving at CEDARS Emergency Shelter, where she finally found the support she had been searching for. 

The team at CEDARS gave Paula a community that cared for her, encouraged her, and gave her a sense of belonging. She quickly thought of CEDARS as her home, and the staff as her family. It didn’t take long for Paula to open up, and she quickly became known for her incredible makeup skills, sense of humor, and ability to make everyone laugh. 

With the team’s help, Paula began to rebuild her life. She received an apprenticeship that gave her purpose and direction, which also helped her to successfully move on from the program. Paula continues to stay in touch with staff, calling regularly to check in and share updates.  

To Paula, CEDARS will always be more than just a temporary space that gave her shelter. It was a place where she found people who believed in her when she needed it most.